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Photo on 2010-06-09 at 17.00 #4And Then She Said is co-directed by sisters Nichola Scrutton and Erinclare Scrutton. Erin is a highly skilled musical director, composer and performer, and was a leading light and catalyst for the evolution of the samba movement in Scotland (workshops).  Nic is a highly experienced composer, sound artist and performer who has worked on a wide range of artistic, collaborative and educational projects (more info). Alongside our individual journeys we created And Then She Said as a way to combine our interests and skills through occasional inspired projects.  Since then, we have collaborated on projects like GLOW and All We’re Skilled In, and created some funky grooves with percussion + singing combo The Good Soul Department. In 2011 we produced the HumDrum Pop-Up project, in association with Barbara at Plan B Collective, creating a large-scale performance to celebrate 100 years of IWD, with follow-up events later that summer.

We’ve had a wee hiatus because we’ve been busy with various shenanigans. We are now brewing some new music and hope to do some performances before too long. Do stay in touch for more info about future events and maybe get involved! Follow us for updates, like us on Facebook, or send us a message – we do love to chat.

Some things people have said…

  • Hi Nic and Erin,  Thanks to you both for  brilliant day. What incredible experiences you create for us!…Irene
  • Just wanted to say thanks to Erin and Nic for the great event yesterday. It was a fantastic project to be part of…Kate
  • Just wanted to thank you for organising such a fabulous event on Saturday, and to say how much I enjoyed being part of it. It was a great way to celebrate…Carol
  • A huge thank you!…Linda
  • Dear Erin and Nic, A very big thank you for all your hard work, it really paid off yesterday. The music and lyrics were fantastic and it was an honour to be part of the event…Judy
  • In 2005 not long after getting out of hospital after a severe depressive episode whenI had no sensory response, being invited to participate in the “SOUNDAROUND” workshop was the best antidote and reintroduction into a mainstream community as after several weeks of recording we performed live in front of an audience at the huge opening of Perth’s concert hall. I felt alive, energised and a sense of belonging to something meaningful again. I felt greatly inspired by Erin and Nic’s enthusiasm and encouragement that everyone has the ability to make music and have huge fun doing it. For me it was a memorable life event and reinforced my conviction in the power of the arts to heal…Lorraine

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